BUPA couples 485 visa health insurance is easy to apply for, and easy to acquire.  This health fund provides a visiting couple to Australia everything they need to ensure their well-being is protected. BUPA (British United Provident Association) was founded in 1947 and is a UK based health insurer. Recently, BUPA has grown rapidly and has become a major competitor on the playing field! BUPA also recently acquired three major brands: MBF, HBA and also Mutual Community. It is now shown to have one of the highest market share values within the country.

Again, this health fund makes applying and acquiring for health coverage simple and easy, giving a couple peace of mind!  The fact is private health insurance is essential for your stay! BUPA couples 485 visa health insurance simply gives you that custom coverage while working within Australia, or just visiting. This health cover is also available for short-term and long-term visitors.

Why Is BUPA Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance So Significant For Overseas Visitors?

For any couple who plans on visiting Australia for any length of time, having the appropriate level of health insurance is mandatory. This is a requirement for most visa holders. Of course, it is wise to be prepared in case of some health related circumstance, or emergency. Visitors will find that the prices for couples is about double that of singles, though there are discounts and rebates available. BUPA is in the middle of the road when it comes to pricing and cost comparisons with competitors, but it guarantees meeting the conditions of 8501 for all 485 visa applicants.  Listed below are some other popular policy comparisons, with regard to premium costs and benefits for couples:



BUPA Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance Advantages And Benefits

Each year there are a number of visitors to Australia that require health coverage, not to mention the more than three and a half million Australians themselves who gain benefits from this comprehensive coverage. BUPA offers a range of health services and products to its members, without excessive fees being taxed on. Furthermore, visiting singles will gain satisfaction in knowing this health fund has over 65 years of experience, and cover options perfectly meet individual needs as significantly as for couples and families!  BUPA has offices in over 190 countries as well. This is affordable, quality care members receive. It is designed to guarantee compliance, set out by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for those with selected visas.  Again, this includes individuals, families, and/or couples with 485 visas.

You can take a moment to review the below chart and gain a more comprehensive idea on what BUPA provides in comparison to other health fund competitors for those single, under any economic situation, or demographic:



BUPA Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance Does:

  • Offer visitors a mid-line cost for cover that meets all compliancy requirements
  • Meet the Dept. of Immigration’s minimum requirements for the 485 visa
  • Provide access to an accommodating number of public and private hospitals
  • Offer an immediate compliancy letter to member with proof of purchase of coverage
  • Not squeeze in hidden charges for additional services and benefits
  • Provide additional extras, such as ambulance coverage and medical repatriation 

BUPA also offers the same price coverage across age groups, unlike HIF which might go up for those 60 and above. There are numerous options to choose from, and visitors remember, you can choose the coverage that meets your specific needs, without having to pay huge fees. The following list illustrates some of the options you have available to you as a visitor to Australia:

  • Hospital Cover–this feature pays for in-patient and out-patient services.  The costs of either public, or private hospital services is covered.
  • Extras Cover–regardless of whether a couple chooses a bronze tier, or a platinum tier–all commonly used services are fully covered.  You’ll find you can access: ambulatory services, dental care, optical care, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, osteopathy, pharmaceutical services and holistic therapies.
  • Comprehensive Cover–this is suited for individuals, families and couples who have a wide variety of health service needs.  You can be sure it satisfied all DIBP requirements, as any of the previous mentioned cover options do as well.

What Are The Waiting Periods For BUPA Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance?

If you’re transitioning to BUPA from another health fund, or you’re a new member, waiting periods can vary according to what kind of medical services you are requiring. The waiting period begins from the time you join until your coverage actually starts. If a treatment or service is received outside of the waiting period there will be no benefits or payments made, despite when the claim is submitted. Remember, there are different waiting periods for different care.

To give a better example here, take ambulance transport, or a treatment received due to a result of an accident. If this occurs after you have joined a waiting period won’t be instated, and you’re covered. However, if it occurs right before coverage, this is pre-existing, and it might not be covered.

The below list illustrates the waiting period for Hospital cover for couples under BUPA:

  • Any form of palliative care, rehabilitation, or psychiatric services requires a 2 month wait
  • If you have pre-existing ailments, complaints, medical conditions and other chronic condition a 12 month waiting period is required
  • For obstetrics and other services related to pregnancy and prenatal care, these also fall under a 12 month waiting period
  • Optical services that include surgery are only covered under the “Ultimate Plan” and still have a 12 month waiting period

The next list illustrates the waiting period for any Extras Covered:

  • To have coverage start under the Extras, you have a 2 month waiting period
  • The Living Well programs require a 6 month waiting period, as does any maintenance for health service aids
  • Dental care and orthodontic care is also a 12 month waiting period

For couples to find the best BUPA coverage option it is recommended they compare various health cover options online to find what is the most ideal for their specific needs.