If you need couples 485 visa health insurance, then Frank may well offer something that you may be interested in. It really does depend on many things though, as people get insurance for a number of different reasons (oddly enough).



The main reason you would take out a Frank couples 485 visa health insurance, is because it meets your 485 visa work requirements. Frank’s policies certainly do this, and in fact are put together to create a great basics package that meets your needs. It is always important though to double check that you get what you need, so you should always do your research with immigration here.

Frank are also clear that they are quick and helpful when it comes to your visa application, offering your compliance letter quickly and efficiently. This is worth considering if you are in a rush.



Value for money?

Frank is usually one of the best value packages for visa health insurance, and certainly is for the singles packages (which you could also consider). However, as you can see from our table below, Frank is not competitive on the couple’s scale.


Value for money is also very important when you are looking at basics packages, as you do not get many extras for your money, so you should always make sure you get the best price. Why not have a look for yourself here?



This package is specially designed to meet your couples 485 visa health insurance requirements; i.e. this gives you the basic hospital cover that insures that you will not be a drain on the Australian system. However, though this package is suitable for your 485 visa work requirements, do not feel you need to stop there, and health is much more than just about visas.



On the bright side, Frank does offer you the ability to mix and match your packages and add extras – which other companies do not allow. This means that if you do choose Frank, you can take on extras as you need down the line and make your policy suit you.



One important area that you should always consider when purchasing your couples 485 visa health insurance, is the excess. Excess can create huge costs should you actually want to use your couples 485 visa health insurance, so this then affects any type of value you attribute to it. Unfortunately, though Frank often scores very highly on value scales for its policies, excess is an area where Frank does not do very well.


Medicare Surcharge

For many of you coming from certain countries, you may well be tempted to take on the cheapest insurance available to you, and then just dump it when you arrive in Australia. This is because you could be able to get access to Medicare through reciprocal agreements between your home nation and the Australian government.

However, though this may well be the case, you need to be aware of the Medicare surcharge – this is an extra tax that is charged to those who do not have private health insurance. This can change the cost effectiveness of getting rid of your couples 485 visa health insurance, and even the choice of going for the basic package. In fact, this policy alone will not help you avoid the Medicare surcharge, so you will need to top it up to get that benefit.



As you can see, Frank is not the best choice for couples 485 visa health insurance; though it is the better choice for singles. On the up side you can mix and match, it will get rid of your medicare surcharge, and it does of course meet the couples 485 visa health insurance conditions. On the down side, it has high excess, and is just not the best value option. But you can find out more by visiting their site to find out more.


Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance Special Offers

Frank does also often run special offers, like skipping waiting times on some services and other bonuses like that, so it is always worth visiting the site to see if there is a new deal in the making. So you can check it out and have a look through the button below. Good luck!