Established in 1954, HIF is the third fastest growing health fund in Australia, according to the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). However, HIF is the fastest growing not-for-profit Australian health fund.

Since it is a not-for-profit health fund, HIF returns cash profits to its members in the form of lower premiums, increased rebates and added benefits and services.


Does HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance meet the requirements of a 485 visa?
Yes, HIF meets the DIBP requirements to obtain a temporary graduate students working visa.

How does HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance compare to other Australian Health Funds?

What type of health plans does HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance offer?
HIF offers 3 excellent health insurance coverage plans; the Essentials, Intermediate and Comprehensive plans. All three provide a different level of coverage:

Essential is HIF’s entry-level policy which works well if you just want the basic health insurance requirements for a 485 visa.

Intermediate is the “middle of the road” policy that gives you added benefits without having to pay top dollar for more coverage then you really need.

Comprehensive is the policy with all the bells and whistles. This policy is for people who want to make sure they are completely covered, no matter what happens.


Why Choose HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance?


Choose your own doctor
Unlike some health insurance providers HIF lets you visit the doctor of your choice without being charged more or having your coverage cut.

They pass on profits
Since HIF is a not-for-profit health insurance company they can pass their profits on to their members, in the form of lower premiums, more benefits and rebates.

More Choices
HIF offers you access to over 500 private hospitals throughout Australia. No matter where you travel to, or move to, you are never far from a private hospital that will accept HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance.

Switching is easy
HIF makes it easy to switch from your current health care provider to their coverage. Just tell them who your current coverage is with and they will call them for you. They will also honor the length of membership you have with your previous fund under their loyalty program.

Are there any waiting periods for HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance?
A waiting period is the length of time you must be a member before you can claim a specific benefit. HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance waiting periods include:

2 month waiting period for psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care, whether or not the condition is pre-existing.

12 month waiting period for all obstetric related services, as well as all treatment that relates to a pre-existing ailment or condition.

If I sign up for HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance, how quickly will I receive my visa compliance letter?
Whether you sign up for HIF Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance online or by phone you will receive your visa compliance letter emailed to you instantly.