If you are looking for a couples 485 visa health insurance policy, then you may well have many questions. Coming from another country you may never have had to purchase health cover before, and like many countries, Australia’s visa requirements can seem complicated. However, like most products, couples 485 visa health insurance can be pretty straight forward if you ask the right questions.


Does this meet the 485 Visa requirements

First and foremost, it is important to ascertain whether the IMAN policy meets the 485 visa health insurance requirements. The simple answer to this is “yes”. IMAN and many other providers have specially designed policies that mean that you can get your visa. They will also provide you with a letter of compliance for your application as soon as you have registered with them. You can see the Australian Department of Immigration’s requirements here.


Price and value

The second questions we must ask is about price and value. As we can see from the chart below, IMAN do offer cheap prices when compared to their competitors. So if you are looking for a policy based only on price, then IMAN could be the best couples 485 visa health insurance policy for you. See for yourself here.


However, there is a difference between price and value, and it is important that you stack these two up against each other. As the chart also shows, it is not considered the best value product, so it is worth thinking twice.

It is also worth noting that IMAN’s prices can change on circumstance, so it is very important that you get an individual quote and access the real price before signing up. The prices shown here are reflective, but can be different based on your situation.


What the policy includes

IMAN couples 485 visa health insurance does give you a decent range of cover. This includes cover for private and public hospitals across all of their cover. This means that you get 100% accommodation on private hospital cover, and it also provides you with some agreed procedures as well. This makes this a very attractive package, as other companies will not provide this.



However, unfortunately you do not have mix and match options on their policies, which means that only their most expensive cover will include any extras. Extras are an important thing for anyone who wishes to come to Australia to work, as this will include things like dentists and the like. But you may not want to pay the top prices that are demanded of their highest policy, when you can take a mix and match style approach with other providers.



Another good point for IMAN on their couples 485 visa health insurance, is that they do not have excess charges. This means that you will not be stung with huge bills when you try to use your policy. This can be a problem with some of the other providers, and is something that you should always take into account. Back end costs can be just as important as upfront costs; though maybe less obvious.




Medicare consideration

Some may opt for IMAN due to their cheap prices, with the idea that you can simply get rid of the policy upon arrival and register for Medicare. This is because you may come from a country that has a reciprocal policy over health care. Though this is something that many consider, it is not always advisable. This is because there is the Medicare surcharge, a tax that is charged to those that do not have private health insurance.

Basic couples 485 visa health insurance packages will not help you avoid the Medicare surcharge, but they do offer other packages and extensions that will enable you to do this. If done correctly, you can actually save money and have better medical care.


Is this the couples 485 visa health insurance for you?

IMAN is certainly price competitive, and their policies do meet the 485 visa requirements. There are no excess charges, and you are covered 100% for both private and public hospital visits and many procedures. However, there are few flexible options for extras, and their policies do not rank very high when it comes to the best value. For those looking to save some money they could well work for you, but for value and flexibility you may want to shop around.