Medibank couples 485 visa health insurance promises visitors they will meet the health requirement established by the Department of Immigration within Australia.  What you’ll need to ensure compliance is dependent upon the visa you apply for and your individual circumstances as well, but 99% of the time Medibank couples 485 visa health insurance is an ideal health cover choice.  Be aware, singles, couples and families must maintain their health insurance while in the country.  This helps avoid fees and other penalties.  Visitors will find an updated price comparison chart for singles listed below.  This illustrates Iman as one of the best budget cover values–for basic health cover:


Medibank is actually the oldest, and the largest privatised health fund available to those visiting on work visas.  It also offers some of the most varied cover options as well.  Medibank couples 485 visa health insurance in particular provides options that can be to suite your specific needs and your specific budget.  The illustration above lists singles options for comparison.  This helps make certain a policy is offering everything one might need while visiting Australia.  This private health fund is one of the few which does guarantee combination features and which can award extra covers while minimising upon in hospital costs as well.  The following comparison chart is perfect for couples who are wanting to compare their options and identify who is most flexible when it comes to their needs:


Couples visiting on 485 visas will find most private health funds do offer separate cover for hospital treatment and out-of hospital services too.  What normally happens is that the more services and treatments a visitor is covered for, the more they can get back on a claim.  There are certainly features of Medibank couples 485 visa health insurance that make it appealing to visitors.  For example, once a member of Medibank health cover, you can have access to:


  • Superior extra’s cover when visiting an allocated provider of Medibank
  • Excellent private hospital care for prenatal and delivery services
  • Excellent customer support services
  • An open mobile App that makes placing claims simple and easy following a provider visit

As the below chart illustrates, the Medibank couples 485 visa health insurance is slightly more expensive than HIF, but it also provides some exclusives as well.  The most affordable cover with Medibank is shown to be about $70 more each month. However, this is all dependent on what a couple really needs within their health cover.  Remember that Medibank health coverage can be customised easily.


Due to the variety of additional cover features visiting couples can choose from, the costs for Medibank appear to balance out rather evenly.  This is especially true when an individual. or couple utilises the comparison chart above to note the differences of each.  Couples need to be aware that there is often a waiting period for some services, but then this is likely with any health fund.  For example, under Medibank, there is a one year wait for any pre-existing condition, but there are also exceptions to this as well.  For instance, if an individual previously carried a 485 visa health insurance policy with another provider–their claim on a new policy will be covered immediately as long as the latter policy allowed for it.


The illustrated chart you’ll find below allows you the option of comparing some of BUPA health fund costs to Medibank 485 visa health insurance. These comparisons are focused on single individuals, but you can explore other options too.  It is important to remember that each health cover plan offers exclusive excess features, so what a couple, individual or family chooses is dependent upon their own unique circumstances and needs.


Considerations For Medibank Couples 485 Visa Health Cover

1) Excess Treatment Services

Couples who opt in for a 485 visa health insurance plan can face a broad range of excess cover levels, which sometimes sparks concern.  For instance, for singles, there might be a higher level of out of pocket expenses when visiting a hospital under a non-emergency situation.  The excess for most is set at $300 p.a.  Of course, after this amount is met, the benefits will begin to contribute to cover further costs.  Just bear in mind that some still have excess costs to cover themselves. This is all dependent upon the medical circumstance.


2) What to Expect With The Agreement Hospitals

While some health policies choose to provide services to members for any hospital or medical facility of their choosing, Medibank cover has agreement hospitals.  You can choose to receive treatment from a facility that is not on the agreement list, but you will have a higher level of out-of-pocket expenses.  However, treatment at a covered agreement hospital will allow you a higher level of funding.  Taking services at an agreement hospital can save couples, individuals and families hundreds to even thousands of dollars in medical expense.


3) What Can The Advice Line Offer

Unlike other health funds, Medibank provides a unique advice line service.  This allows individuals to call medical professionals with any of their medical concerns.  If you have a condition you’re unsure of, a nurse on call can give you the proper advice you need to treat your ailment.  This gives a level of peace of mind that is very needed when overseas. However, the majority of conditions are recommended to follow up with a GP, which somewhat limits the effectiveness of this authentic service.


Understanding The Reviews For Medibank Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance

So, what do the reviews actually mean to you when it comes to choosing what cover will provide you the best solution?  There are varying opinions on the quality and services provided through Medibank and other health funds, as the above reviews show. Only past or current members are allowed to provide reviews, which does add to the authenticity of these.  Visitors will find the scores range from a 1 to a 5.

These reviews can be a starting point when visitors are looking to discover what health cover will work for them as an individual, or couple.  The reviews are hoped to make things just a bit easier for all 485 visa holders.  Remember, all of those visiting, or working within the country must maintain their 485 visa health insurance coverage without lapse.  This guarantees all Department fo Immigration and Boarder Patrol requirements are consistently met.