If you are looking for Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance, then you are looking for a policy that meets your 485 visa work requirements, but then also provide proper cover for you and your family. Though this can be a little bit of a headache, it needn’t be too complicated with a little help. All it takes is doing the research now to save you hassle in the future.


The first step is to make sure that this plan actually meets your 485 visa work requirements – otherwise you will not be coming to Australia anyway. The good news is that Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance does meet all the requirements, and it is fact especially designed to do so. This means that they will express your letter of compliance so that you can continue you quickly with your visa application. You can find out more about your visa requirements here.



Next step is value. As we can see from the chart below, Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance does not seem to be all that expensive – we would describe it as being in the cheaper range. However, it is not the favourite in terms of value (as price and value are not always the same thing).


Though Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance is not that expensive, but is still not considered the best value means that there are other things in the policy that should cause us concern. It is very important to understand these now, as though you are not tidied into your policy for life, it is more bother than it is worth to change it later when you can just get the best one now!



The first place to check to understand whether your policy has hidden costs is excess. This can greatly change the value of your policy, as though it may seem cheap on upfront costs, it can end up costing you a fortune down the track! This is obviously not ideal.

The good news is that Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance does not have any excess attached to it. This means that there will not be surprise charges – on excess at least. There are other ways in which this policy could cost you though!


Levels of cover

It is first worth mentioning that this plan comes with two different levels of cover, at different prices. What your policy offers you is greatly affected by the level of cover you choose. The Budget Workers Cover and Workers Cover Plus can give much different costs upfront, and also levels of cover at the back end too.



The first key difference is in costs. Where the basic package only gives you 100% MBS, the Plus plan gives you 150% MBS – which in every sense is a huge difference (in fact it is the difference between no extra costs and some!).

MBS is the payment level that Medicare will make to doctors, etc. Though 100% would sound perfect, the reality is that MBS payments have not kept up with reality, and MBS does not reflect what doctors will charge you. 100% then means that you could end up out of pocket even when you insurance pays!


Private hospitals

Another issue with Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance is that private hospital cover is limited. With the basic cover there is no private hospital cover at all! And with the Plus plan you only have access to pre-agreed hospitals, which means that you do not have all that many options compared to other providers. Even with some private hospitals, depending on which and where these are, this can lead to you using your policy being much more difficult.

Private rooms

The same goes for private rooms. On the Basic package there is no private room cover at all! This means that you could end up sharing a room with up to five people. Though this may be fine if this were the cheapest policy, it is not and you can get much more robust cover for less.

You can get private room cover with the Plus plan, but again, this comes with stipulations on which hospitals you will be able to use this at. Which is less than ideal! These problems do not rank Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance very highly.



If we look at the Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance reviews, we can clearly see that they rank quite lowly. Looking closely we can see that this is not given by all that many reviews, so that means that there is not that bigger pool of people to make a firm judgement on. However, we could also see this in terms of a lack of people rushing back to sing their praises either.

Mix and match

There are some good points with Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance though, and this is where you can mix and match your hospital and extras cover. Hospital cover makes up your main private health cover (which is also true of family 485 visa health insurance), and extras cover means things like dental (which is very important for a family).


The reality is that with companies offering 457 visa work insurance, many of them are quite stringent when it comes to mixing and matching extras with your cover. You then have to get out an entire new policy with extras, which is less than ideal. The fact that Australian Unity allow you to mix and match is then the saving grace of this plan.


Is Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance for you?

Is Australian Unity family 485 visa health insurance the plan for you? Well it is quite inexpensive, does meet your 485 requirements, is free of excess, and allows you to mix and match extras (which is great!). However, it doesn’t cover you for private hospitals or private rooms unless you take out the Plus plan, and even that is fairly limited. Overall this is an okay plan, but you can probably do better.