If you are looking for an overseas health insurance policy that meets the 485 visa work requirements, it can seem like extra confusion being added to the already overly complicated process of going through the immigration process. Luckily, when it comes to getting the right family 485 visa health insurance, it can just come down to picking out the best one – if you know what you are looking for.


Compliance with 485 visa work requirements

The first and most basic standard when getting an overseas health insurance policy for your family when visiting Australia is ensuring that it meets the 485 visa work requirements. This is the main reason you will be getting this insurance, so it is paramount that it meets the requirements – which you can learn more about at the Australian immigration page.



Frank’s family 485 visa health insurance does meet the basic standards for this visa, so it will help you with getting your visa through. However, though the basic level of cover to get your visa is your main concern, this should not be the only factor you take into account.


What you get with this cover?

Frank’s family 485 visa health insurance offer the basic coverage needed for your visa, and it is by no means comprehensive. You will receive cover that gets you access to public hospital care, ambulance cover, and specialist treatment in hospitals, so you are basically covered at a base rate.

However, simply because a policy is cheap and gives you the basics that you need, this does not mean that it is the best value policy available to you. This is always true of overseas health insurance, but especially when you are getting cover for your family.


Value for money?

As you can see from the chart below and here, Frank’s family 485 visa health insurance is not the best value cover that is available to you. It is the cheapest, so if you are literally looking for the most affordable policy available to you, then Frank is the choice for you. However, price and value are rarely the same thing.


If you look closely you will see that Frank may well be the cheapest, but at the same time you do not get access to private hospital care – and this is missing for just a few dollars a month. For many who want top level insurance for their family, this is not worth the savings. Plus we must also look at the other costs associated with this cover, like excess attached to the policy.



Below is a chart of policies by excess for overseas health insurance. Though it is true that Frank’s policies are the cheapest upfront, which could make it the right choice for many, we can also clearly see that the excess on this policy is quite high. It could then be more expensive down the track should you actually use your policy.



On top of this we also have to look at the limits for the policies on what you can claim, as this is another factor that offers value on your policy. Again, the excess for Frank’s family 485 visa health insurance is rather high, so you do not get as much cover for your dollar as others.



Some people may well look to choose the cheapest option as they plan to take advantage of the Medicare option that is available to them. This is an international agreement with a list of countries where upon entry you are able to use the Australian Medicare system.

However, it is worth noting that this comes with a Medicare surcharge that is payable on your taxes if you do not have private health insurance. It is then not necessarily cheaper for you to dump your insurance, especially when 485 visa health insurance policies can provide you with more and better cover.



If you are considering Frank’s family 485 visa health insurance package, then this is the cheapest option available to you. But you must remember that though this does meet the 485 visa work requirements, it is not the best value package available to you and you are able to get a lot more cover for just a few dollars more. It is always best to shop around, and never think that cheap means value.