HIF family 485 visa health insurance is one of the most reliable cover options for those visiting Australia.  Now, any 485 visa applicants are required to provide evidence of 485 visa health insurance, which is why it is critical to have a health cover option instated as soon as possible. Most visitors agree, HIF for families is a healthy and viable option for most 485 applicants aka visitors.

You’ll discover that HIF coverage has been in place since 1954 and to date, it is unquestionably one of the top three fastest growing health funds within the region, for many reasons!  According to the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) this is one of the most affordable options for many families as well!  Let’s not forget to mention, HIF happens to be the fastest growing ‘not-for’profit’ health fund too! There are amazing benefits and additional features which really do make all the difference for couples and/or families.

HIF family 485 visa health insurance again, is a ‘not-for-profit’ plan and this does provide strong benefits for members. For instance, couples can receive cash profits that come to them as lower premium costs, more rebates and additional health services that other cover plans might be lacking. For example, HIF has strong green credentials and is a proven carbon neutral coverage option–something you have to like!  Furthermore, HIF family 485 visa health insurance meets all DIBP requirements–allowing temporary graduate students a working visa that doesn’t place strain on an already struggling budget.

With mention to budgets and finances, in 2014, HIF was one of the few cover options shown to have only increased policy prices by the least amount of any other Health fund.  This is a great additional benefit, and places this policy as one of the most competitive among the top competitors in Australia.


HIF Family 485 Visa Health Insurance Analysis

This is certainly the policy to choose for families who want affordability and valuable extra features without excess fees. HIF for couples is one of the cheapest options on the market, possibly because the policy doesn’t focus on making a profit like others.  The goal is to provide value to all of the plan’s members. The below chart compares various single plans that might shed more light on what is most affordable with extra features included:



Families will have comprehensive coverage when they choose HIF. In other words, this policy gives you all of the coverage you’ll ever need, without having to pay out those excessive additional fees. At the same time, for those who are simply looking for the most essential coverage benefits, HIF can deliver here as well. Families can actually choose from 3 different tiers, which gives the variety many people are seeking. These levels are: the Essentials, Intermediate, and Comprehensive–so something for everyone!


Reasons To Choose HIF Family 485 Visa Health Cover

A plan allowing you to choose your own doctor

Having the ability to choose your own medical doctor is a plus within a cover option, but being able to do this without having to pay any additional fees is absolutely amazing.  Policy holders feel this puts the power of their healthcare right where it belongs, within their own hands!

HIF passes on the profits to members

HIF is one of the few cover options that is classified as ‘not-for-profit’ heath insurance company, which allows them to pass amazing profits and additional benefits on to the members without any excess hidden fees.

A range of cover options are available

Yes, you have much more flexibility with regard to coverage options for singles, couples or families. HIF offers access to over 500 hospitals across Australia. It really doesn’t matter where you might move to, with access to this many private hospitals, HIF Health Insurance has you covered!

Switching companies is kept easy and simple

HIF keeps is simple when it comes to switching from your current health care provider to their plan. The only thing that is required is for you to state who your current coverage is with, and your new provider will contact them for you. Now, under the HIF loyalty plan, your previous membership length will still be honored–which is a plus!

What are the waiting periods (if any) for HIF Family Visa Health Insurance?

Waiting periods can be a common issue when you switch from one health insurance provider to another, or when you initially sign up. This is simply the length of time you have to wait before you can claim a specific benefit. The waiting periods for HIF 485 family Visa Health Insurance includes these listed below:

You will have a waiting period of 2 months for issues associated with: psychiatric care, rehabilitation services, and any form of palliative care. This is the case even if any one of these conditions is pre-existing.
There is a 12 month waiting period for any obstetric care or other related service. This includes any treatment for a pre-existing condition as well.


485 Visa Family Members Can Earn Tax Benefits

For those families who have 485 visas, choosing the HIF family 485 visa health insurance provides these individuals with attractive tax benefits and more. This also includes those individuals who are only temporary residents as well. For any tax payers who are found to earn over a specific income, and also those who haven’t acquired any private health insurance such as “HIF”, these individuals are required to pay an extra tax titled the: “Medicare Levy Surcharge”. However, remember, for families who have purchased HIF 485 family visa health insurance–these families avoid this excess fee. This is set up to try and encourage 485 visa holders to take private health insurance and save money while visiting Australia.

When you sign up for HIF family 485 Visa Health Insurance you’ll receive your visa compliance letter instantly! Regardless of whether you do this online, or you choose to do it by phone–that compliance letter is sent in record time, giving you peace of mind!

To learn more about your options, or to sign up now you can visit the website by following the link below.