If you are looking for family 485 visa health insurance, then you probably have a lot on your plate. No one has ever suggested that getting a visa is easy! Plus, for many, the idea of private health insurance is a foreign concept.

However, due to the way the Australian healthcare system works, your medical cover is very important. It is about much more than just getting your visa, so it makes sense to get the right policy for you and your family from the outset. But first we should always consider your visa requirements.


485 visa work requirements

Though your family 485 visa health insurance is certainly about more than your visa, it is important that you get a policy that meets your 485 visa work requirements. After all, it doesn’t matter how covered you are in Australia if you can’t gain entry.

IMAN family 485 visa health insurance meets all the requirements for your visa. In fact, it is specially designed to do so, and they ensure that you get your letter of compliance quickly so that you can get your application under way. To find out more about 485 visa work requirements you can visit Immigration Australia here.


Price and value

The next important thing that we should consider is price and value. As you can see from the chart below, IMAN family 485 visa health insurance is not the best rated policy in terms of price, and there are others that can give you a better deal.


However, that said, IMAN is competitive, and they do offer some good cover options for you and your family. So it is worth giving them a closer look. You can compare polices here.

Cover for private and public hospitals

To begin with, IMAN family 485 visa health insurance does give you both private and public hospital cover. This means that whatever hospital you may need to use, and almost whatever service within that hospital, you are covered. You cannot underrate this amount of cover, as some providers do not have proper agreements in place to offer this across all hospitals.


Hospital Excess

Another selling point of IMAN family 485 visa health insurance is that they do not have any excess for hospital cover. This is something that is not always clear with other providers, leaving you with unexpected bills should you need to use your cover.


Other things this policy includes

The basic cover for IMAN family 485 visa health insurance also include ambulance cover, repatriation, and funeral cover. This also fairly standard aspects of most family 485 visa health insurance policies, but also something you should always make sure is included. This is especially true of ambulance cover, as no one wants to be left in the position of needing emergency care and being worried about bills due to this.



The basic package is decent, but with IMAN family 485 visa health insurance you do also have the ability to add extras to your policy. Depending on what level of cover you choose, this includes GP visits, dental, optical and pregnancy. As someone looking to ensure the health of their family while they stay in Australia, these extras are vital. After all, health is about much more than emergencies.


It is however worth noting that there are limits and waiting periods of some of these extras, so these should always be checked carefully before signing. Limits of what you can claim can seriously affect the value of your policy.


Quote differences

Though we endeavour to keep our prices accurate, it is possible that you may receive a different price on your quote due to your circumstances. It is then important that you use our prices as a guide and get a quote from IMAN. Though their prices are competitive, you may well receive a different price upon applications.


Is IMAN family 485 visa health insurance for you?

IMAN family 485 visa health insurance is competitive on price, but it is by no means the best value. They do offer you and your family good cover without excess charges, and there is the ability to add plenty of extras so that you are fully covered. They also meet 485 visa work requirements and will express your letter of compliance. This all means that it is worth getting a quote to see the full price, but you should do the same with other providers and compare.