For those that are looking to enter Australia on a 485 category visa, then health insurance is a must. In fact, not only health insurance, but one that meets the specified requirements for you and your family. But choosing the right one needed be hard, it is simply at having a look and getting the family 485 visa health insurance that is right for you. So is that with Medibank?


485 visa work compliance

It is important that you get family 485 visa health insurance that is right for you and your family to ensure that you have robust cover for you during your stay in Australia. However, an important first step is to make sure that the insurance you get meets the 485 visa work requirements.

Medibank’s family 485 visa health insurance is specially created to ensure that you meet your 485 visa work requirements, and will support your visa application. In fact, as the policy is created with this in mind, they will ensure that you get your letter of compliance promptly to make sure that you are not delayed and can proceed with your plans. If you would like to check anything about your 485 visa work requirements, you can do so by visiting Immigration Australia here.



The next step is to see whether Medibank’s family 485 visa health insurance offers good value for money. Unfortunately, this policy is on the expensive side given the options from other companies. This is clearly shown in the table below, and here.

There are many ways to evaluate a policy, and price plays a huge role in that. This is not just upfront cost, but what you get in the policy, and any future costs that you may incur down the line (as the idea of insurance is that you are covered from not getting huge bills).



A negative point for Medibank’s family 485 visa health insurance is that it does have excess attached to the policy. This is a charge that you need to pay should you wish to use your insurance. Unfortunately, even though the policy is fairly expensive to start with, it will also cost you more down the line should you wish to use it. You can see how the excess charge on different companies policies stack up below.

Paying excess on policies is something that you need to watch for on all the companies policies that are offered. As you see from the chart above, not all companies do have this, and it is important as it could end up costing you.



On the bright side, there are many benefits that Medibank offers. This includes an on call nurse service, many different types of surgeries (which is an excellent benefit for those of an older generation that many need certain types of surgeries), extended hospital cover for certain hospitals that they have agreements with – and even an app to help make claiming quicker, easier and hassle free.

Medibank also offer their clients a helpline as well, so you can connect to a medical professional. This is a very nice benefit, not only for general medical advice, but also how to get help when you are a stranger in Australia. So all in all, there are things in the policy that do somewhat balance out the cost, like these benefits, but also some nice extras too.


Excellent extras cover

More so, Medibank’s family 485 visa health insurance does offer a nice mix of extras on this policy, things that will not be included in some other policies without extra charges. Some, in fact, will not even let you mix and match your insurance to get all this important extras, even with paying. This is then does add some value and even out the costs somewhat. Though perhaps not to the point where it becomes highly recommended.


Mixed reviews

If you look at the reviews given by the public on Medibank, there is somewhat of a mixed bag. There actually seems to be an even amount of both great and bad experiences. This can be explained by which policies are better for others, like how Medibank could benefit those from the older generations, but not so much the young.

It could also be explained by a clear understanding of what Medibank is offering. There is excellent care through Medibank, but it is not at every hospital, and understanding that is key. The question is not so much whether Medibank offer policies that please everyone, but rather one that fits you?


Is Medibank family 485 visa health insurance for you?

So the ultimate question is whether Medibank family 485 visa health insurance is for you? As we have seen, it is a rather expensive policy, so it is certainly not for those that are seeking to do things on a budget. Also, it does include excess, so if you want a policy you can use (which you should), it will cost you money. This doesn’t really make Medibank that attractive to many.

At the same time, Medibank’s family 485 visa health insurance does meet your 485 visa work requirements, and does have a decent amount of extras and nice benefits that some will find attractive. So, we can say that this is good policy for some, but possibly not for many – it really depends on your age, needs and budget – as well as your understanding of the policy you are receiving!