IMAN Australian Health Plan is Australia’s older specialist overseas visitor health cover specialists with over 30 years experience providing health cover policies such as 485 visa health insurance. The company is a subsidiary of nib health funds which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code NHF.  nib has over 1,000,000 policy holders.

IMAN has over 17,000 overseas visitor health cover policy holders which including 485 visa health insurance holders.


5 Reasons Why Choose IMAN?

1) They Have Low 485 Visa Health Insurance Prices!

Our comparison of the leading health insurance for 485 visa holder policies found that IMAN health insurance 485 prices were often the lowest. The below comparison table shows single 485 health insurance prices with IMAN starting from just $74.53


2) ALL Their Policies Meet Department Of Immigration & Boarder Patrol (DIBP) 485 Visa requirements

Unlike all other funds that have a range of policies of which only a small niche meet condition 8501 (adequate health insurance for 485 visa holders), IMAN is an overseas visitor health cover specialist. This means that the full IMAN 485 visa health insurance range meets DIBP requirements!


3) ALL Policies Provide Cover For Public And Private Hospital Accommodation

Another unique element if IMAN is that every policy not only covers their policy holders for public hospital accommodation but also private hospital. Even their cheapest 485 visa health insurance policy ‘Budget Cover’ provides 100% cover for private hospital accommodation for emergencies and agreed procedures.


4) They provide Credit For Time Spent Overseas

IMAN allows 485 visa holders who travel overseas between 4 – 10 weeks to be given credit on their IMAN 485 visa health insurance policy for the time they spend on their holidays. It’s critical to note that you need to provide advance warning of your travels to IMAN to qualify for this feature. If your holiday is 10+ weeks your policy will be cancelled.


5) Health Insurance For 485 Visa Holders Include Ambulance Cover + Funeral Expenses + Medical Repatriation

All IMAN 485 visa health insurance policies include ambulance cover across Australia for medically necessary trips. They also have a medical repatriation clause which will pay for a policy holder (and any required medical escorts) to return to their home country when medically necessary. Payment towards funeral expenses is also are also part of their policy.


What Are The Negatives Of IMAN Policies?

1) The Inability To Combine Hospitals & Extras

All of IMAN’s policies focus on ‘hospital cover’ but only their ‘top cover’ which starts at $294.67 includes extras cover. Extras cover includes services such as seeing a dentist, getting a new pair of glasses of physiotherapy. If these services are very important to you but your not willing to pay a high price HIF may be a better option.


2) The Price May Very Depending On Your Circumstances 

As highlighted earlier, IMAN has some of the most competitive prices in the 485 visa heath insurance sector. It’s critical to note that all prices shown in this website are marked from. This is because the final quote may be higher for a small proportion over overseas visitors. To find the final price for yourself, just press apply on an IMAN policy and provide some details.


Overall Summary Of IMAN

As a specialist overseas visitor health cover provider, choosing IMAN provides 485 visa applicants with ‘peace of mind’ knowing that all policies meet their visa requirements. With a high proportion of 485 visa applicants looking for just the lowest price, IMAN is one of the most popular health funds. Not only is their starting price just $74.53, even their cheapest 485 visa health insurance policy includes private accommodation. Another nice bonus is their policies don’t have any excess unlike many of their competitors.


IMAN is a nib 485 Visa Health Insurance subsidiary. For all nib 485 health insurance enquiries the applicant should instead contact IMAN health insurance on +61 2 4914 1131